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Call (866) 289-8384

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Paychex is there to help businesses of any size with the things that they need help with every day:

Pointing to the Right
  • When you sign up as new customer with Paychex, you’ll receive one free month of payroll processing thanks to our business discount.
  • Join over 500,000 businesses that are already using Paychex to handle their payroll, HR and employee benefit needs.
  • Paychex has special services to help small businesses in the 1 – 49 employee range that differ from the services that they offer to medium to large businesses. Why is that? Because businesses of different sizes have different needs!
  • Paychex can help your business with: payroll and taxes, human resources, employee benefits, accounting and financing and more.
  • Call Paychex’s customer service team at (866) 289-8384 to learn about the services that fit your company’s needs and how to get your free month of payroll processing.